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The City of Lancaster Gymnastics Club

In Pursuit of Excellence, Participation & Fun

Our Mission: The City of Lancaster Gymnastics and Trampoline Club is dedicated to helping each gymnast shine! ‘Every gymnast is a star’

The City of Lancaster Gymnastics Club is a performance centre for talented and enthusiastic gymnasts aged two years and over. Our club is based at the University of Cumbria Sports Centre in Lancaster.

We are committed to helping our members develop and enhance the skills required for a successful future in many sports but especially in the sport of gymnastics.


We provide sessions in the following disciplines in partnership with the University of Cumbria:


Pre-school Gymnastics  (2 years +) – Bouncing, spinning, rolling – your children are already natural-born gymnasts. So if you want to help them develop their physical skills, what better place to start? Pre-school gymnastics teaches your children important skills like balance and co-ordination. With expert supervision and a playful environment, it’s a great way for them to have fun and lay the foundations of a healthy, active lifestyle. Your budding sport stars can jump straight into the world of pre-school gymnastics. With a gymnasium to explore and lots of exciting activities to get involved in, the sessions are always energetic and entertaining. And while they’re having fun with new friends, they’ll also be getting a head start in the world of physical exercise. We also use the British Gymnastics Pre School Awards Program this should encourage participation, effort and give an accurate picture of progress.

General  Gymnastics (School age +) The aim of the General Gymnastics sessions is to produce quality gymnastics that any child irrespective of ability can enjoy. A typical class will include vault, bars, beam, floor skills, tumble and trampette. During each class the emphasis will be on developing gymnastic skills at a rate suitable to the individual child, whilst having fun in a safe & friendly environment. We also use the British Gymnastics Awards Program this should encourage participation, effort and give an accurate picture of progress. We use our experience and  knowledge of Gymnastics to make the British Gymnastics Award Schemes work effectively for the gymnasts.  We pass gymnasts on no less than 8/10 elements and there are certain elements that are key to passing each level in order to aid smooth progression. Each Gymnast has his/her achievements recorded on their individual progress sheet. Certificates and Badges can be purchased from the club during your class.

Trampolining Gymnastics  (6 Years +) The aim of the General Trampolining Gymnastics sessions is to produce quality Trampolining that any child irrespective of ability can enjoy. During each class the emphasis will be on developing confidence, control and enjoyment in the air and to jump safely performing various shapes and basic twists and turns on different axis. Trampolining skills will always be at a rate suitable to the individual child, whilst having fun in a safe & friendly environment.

Disability General Gymnastics, Multi Skills  and Trampolining – Gymnastics is an inclusive sport.  As you’re starting out, you’ll learn the fundamentals of gymnastics and how to build your strength, control and flexibility. Gymnastics is particularly beneficial to children with disabilities as it encourages social interaction, promotes mobility and strength, and the development of spacial awareness.  All of our classes are led by experienced British Gymnastics Coaches.


Acrobatic Gymnastics  emphasises the combined beauty of dance and acrobatics. Gymnastics skills add excitement to the exercises. Acrobatic balances show grace, strength and flexibility. Choreography and synchronisation add flare and creativity to each exercise.

Acrobatic Gymnastics (nicknamed “Acro“) is a competitive gymnastic discipline where partnerships of gymnasts work together and perform routines consisting of acrobatic moves, dance and tumbling, set to music.The five disciplines are mixed pairswomen’s pairs, men’s pairs, trios, and men’s fours.

Trampolining  Gymnastics is the perfect sport for bold high-flyers who want to jump, sault, twist and enjoy being airborne and leads on to an amazing awareness of where your body is in the air.

Tumbling Gymnastics is characterised by the complex, swift and rhythmical succession of acrobatic gymnastics bounding from hands to feet, feet to hands or even feet directly back onto feet. A tumbling pass may be over in a matter of seconds and is usually performed on a tumbling track that is 25 meters in length.

Dance Classes  involve a lot of dance enhanced by gymnastics elements, movements and hand apparatus work and focuses on artistic presentation and aesthetics of gymnastics rather than on the sports code of points and requirements. Gymnasts learn how to express themselves to music, to dance and perform in productions, festivals and displays.

We hope you find our website useful and if you require further information about City of Lancaster Gymnastics Club please contact us.

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