Gymnastics Competition Results

Charlene Slater Invitational Competition

We sent a team of gymnasts to an invitational acrobatics competition at Temple Park Sports Centre in South Tyneside on 30th October/1st November.

Congratulations to all gymnasts who performed their routines to an extremely high standard against many of the top clubs in the UK.

Special mention goes to –

Gold – Lauren Riggs and Hope Kerr – Grade 6 Womens Pair

Gold – Jessica Belmont and Amelia Slaney – Grade 5 Womens Pair

Gold – Oliver Ip, Ben Whyatt, Haydn Cowherd and Theo Benson – Grade 4 Mens Group

Bronze – Nalini Ram Prasad and Eva Stirzaker – Grade 4 Womens Pair

Full results to follow.

North West Invitational and Team Competition

Congratulations to everyone who competed at NW Acrobatics Invitational recently.

Fabulous results – the gymnasts and trampolinists were a credit to the club!

Well done to the coaches as well for all their hard work in the lead up to these events.

Please see gymnastics results below:

results NW Invitational and Team Competition 2015

North West Tariff Competition

Grade 2 Sophie Carter Steele & Thais Alonzo Green – GOLD

Grade 3  Molly McLeod, Tess Belshire & Chloe Rawes – SILVER

Karisma Liver, Olivia Kilburn & Darcie Meehan – BRONZE

Georgie Butler, Martha Surman & Gracie Mae Hughes – 5th Place

Caitlin Balderstone & Rose Dawson – BRONZE

Grade 4 Oliver Ip, Ben Whyatt, Haydn Cowherd & Theo Benson – GOLD

Savannah Brickles, Hannah Metcalfe & Jasmin Mason – 5th Place

Abbie Edmondson & Lucy Smith – BRONZE

Nalini Ram Prasad & Eva Stirzaker – GOLD

Grade 5 Saskia Rudge Thompson, Chloe Macklin & Millie Gibson – GOLD

Hannah Douthwaite, Abbie Douthwaite & Madison Taylor – GOLD

Jessica Belmont & Amelia Slaney – SILVER

Ewan Morrell & Callum Baines – GOLD

11-16  Lucy Ip, Grace Ip & Hannah Gallacher – GOLD

Jolie Pickles & Charlotte Turner – GOLD

Edie Gilgun May & Morgan Blackburn – SILVER

Congratulations to Dominic Hart, Elizabeth Wareing (10th position), Oliver Ip and Haydn Cowherd (6th position) for a fantastic performance at the British NDP Finals in Stoke on Trent on the 16th/17th May 2015. 

COL Invitational Competition

26th April 2015

On Sunday 26th April, City of Lancaster Gymnastics Club hosted their annual invitational competition, which included clubs from Scotland, the North-West and Yorkshire regions.

For some of the gymnasts, including many from City of Lancaster, this was their first competition. A huge amount of family and friends were present to cheer on the gymnasts which created a great competition atmosphere for all.

Gymnasts from the Junior, Advanced, Recreational Group 6, Senior 1 & 2 and Elite NDP squads all represented the club for what resulted in a very successful day with a fantastic collection of medals.

 Results:-  Grade 1 WP Tariff 10

Jasmine Kelvin Wyatt & Eve Hoyle = SILVER

Amelia Woodcok & Grace Clark-Fish = BRONZE

Grade 1 WP Tariff 15  Amelia Woodcock & Kirsty Ma = GOLD

Ava Oxley & Lola Graves = SILVER

Elizabeth Price & Lilian Rushton = BRONZE

Isabella Carr & Grace Dufton = 4th

Grade 1 Mixed Pair Tariff 15    Scott Chaplow & Rose English = GOLD

Joseph Wolff & Rose English = SILVER

Jake Howden & Eva Ranns = BRONZE

Grade 1 MP Tariff 10   Will Howarth & Theo Benson = GOLD

 Grade 2 WP Tariff 10    Annie Lamb & Thais Alonso Green = SILVER

Melissa Hicks & Lily Turner = 5th

Lara Dower & Robyn Lund = 8th

 Grade 2 WP Tariff 15   Wioletta Czarnecka & Maria Altham = BRONZE

Grade 2 MP Tariff 10    Aaron Atkinson & William Meaden = GOLD

Harry Atkinson & Miller McBride = SILVER

 Grade 2 WP Tariff 15 Out of Age    Molly Gibson & Mia Harley Glassock = GOLD

Adena Midgley Bryan & Zuzu Callaghan = SILVER

Jenny McDonald & Maria Grosse = BRONZE

Emma Welsh & Isobel Iveson = 4th

Jessica McCartney & Evie Mynott = 5th

Grade 2 Mixed Pair Tariff 10   Nathaniel Hart & Jessica Rafaelli = GOLD

James Bain & Thais Alonso Green = SILVER

Harry Wills & Charlotte McCartney = BRONZE

Grade 2 WG Tariff 10    Ava Aranrit, Megan Lewis & Olivia Winn = GOLD

Scarlett Harper, Rhianna Sisson & Emily Blundell = Joint SILVER

Amy Dufton, Katy Shaw & Izzy Liver = Joint SILVER

Grade 2 WG Tariff 15   Molly McCleod, Tess Belshire & Chloe Rawes = 4th

Grade 2 WG Tariff 15 Out of Age   Ellie Oakley, Charlotte Ford & Scarlett Benson = GOLD

Millie Kent, Eli Maiyah Williams & Bethan Twigg = SILVER

Ciara Adams, Emily Holmes & Eleanor Slaney = BRONZE

Grade 3 WG Tariff 15    Caitlin Balderstone, Abbie Edmondson & Rose Dawson = SILVER

Grade 3 WG Tariff 15 Out of Age   Sophie Tolson, Clara Marwedel & Maja Marwedel = GOLD

Grade 3 Mixed Pair Tariff 15 Out of Age  Joe Wilkinson & Emma Partington = GOLD

Grade 4 WG Tariff 10    Hannah Dodgson, Hannah Metcalfe & Molly Boulton = GOLD

The Maia International Acro Cup

4th-8th March 2015

At the beginning of March, The City of Lancaster Gymnastics and Trampolining Club based at the University of Cumbria Sports Centre in Lancaster travelled to Maia in Portugal for a World Acrobatic Gymnastics Competition which included competitors from Russia, America and Japan. For the majority of the gymnasts this was their first time competing abroad.

Their success was unprecedented in anything they had done before catapulting the gymnastics club firmly on the map of acrobatics gymnastics clubs in the UK and beyond.

The club sent 15 gymnasts’ ages ranging from 8 to 16 years old. Three trios and three pair routines entered the competition and half of these made the finals on the Sunday.

Lucy Ip, Hannah Gallagher and Grace Ip finished 9th in the Youth Groups category and Yvette Evans and Edie Gilgun May finished 12th in the Age group 1 category. The icing on the cake was our Youth Pair Jolie Pickles and Eva Stirzaker who delivered an outstanding routine of agility, grace and execution and finished in 2nd place taking their well-deserved place on the podium.

Lauren Townson, Lauren Riggs & Hope Kerr performed two outstanding routines in which they should be proud of finishing 22nd out of 34 in a very difficult section. Saskia Rudge Thompson, Chloe Macklin & Millie Gibson finished 16th after delivering their best performance to date and finally Savannah Brickles & Charlotte Turner finished 13th delivering a steady routine.

The gymnasts are now focusing on the British Championships to be held at the Echo Arena in Liverpool in July.

 North West Prelims    Sunday 1st March 2015

On Sunday 1st March, gymnasts from the Elite NDP, Senior 2 & Senior 1 squads took part in the North West Prelims at Robin park in Wigan. They were competing against clubs from around the region including; Wigan Seagulls, Birkenhead and Eclipse.

This is one of the most important competitions of the year for these gymnasts, as the winner of each category qualifies for a place at the British NDP Finals in May.

The competition standard was very high and our gymnasts executed great routines to challenge for a place at National Finals. It was a great day for the club, with two partnerships taking the gold medal in their category and securing a place at National Finals; Oliver Ip & Hayden Cowherd competing at Grade 3 Men’s Pair and Dominic Hart & Elizabeth Wareing at Grade 4 Mixed Pair.

The podium places did not stop there for the City of Lancaster… 4 silver medals were achieved by Jessica Belmont & Amelia Slaney (G4 Women’s Pair), Callum Baines & Conor Wallis (G4 Men’s Pair), Ben Whyatt & Madison Taylor (G3 Mixed Pair) and Nathaniel Hart & Jessica Rafaelli (G2 Mixed Pairs) with 2 bronze medals achieved by Hannah Douthwaite, Abbie Douthwaite & Sophie Carter Steele (G3 Women’s Group) and Harry Wills & Charlotte McCartney (G2 Mixed Pairs).

Other results included; Molly McCleod & Chloe Rawes – 4th place (G2 Women’s Pair), Nalini Ram Prasad & Dana Brickles – 5th place (G3 Women’s Pair), Bluebell Williams & Fabi Burrow Nejad – 5th place (G1 Women’s Pair), Verity Williams & Tess Belshire – 6th place (G4 Women’s Pair) and Holly Willan & Jasmin Mason – 7th place (G3 Women’s pair).

All the gymnasts should be extremely proud of their performances. We wish Dom, Elizabeth, Oli and Haydn the best of luck at National Finals in May!!