Gymnastics competition Results

Pate Wade Classic – The British Tournament 2013

=5th   Yvette Evans and Edie Gilgun May    score of 52.35

Yvette and Edie made the top 8 which automatically selected them to compete their Dynamic routine in the final on the Sunday. This is the first time the club has made the finals. We are incredibly proud of everyone involved in making it happen. After a nerve racking experience preparing for the finals the girls finished the competition in 7th position. Congratulations and well done Yvette and Edie!

13th   Lauren Riggs and Hope Kerr   score of 49.80

15th    Lauren Townson and Savannah Brickles    score of 49.25

We had good clean routines from our two other 11-16 pairs. Well done to both for their hard work and dedication in the build up to the competition.

City Of Lancaster Invitational Acrobatics Competition

COL 2013 november invitational results 

North West Pre-Lims-Robin Park Sports Center Wigan – Sunday 17th March 2013

2nd Prep B Womens Pair Jessica Belmont and Molly McLeod  25.50

5th Prep B Womens Pair Alysia Armer and Olivia Kilburn  25.15

10th Grade 1 Womens Group Jessica Bentley, Kestra Dawson and Karisma Liver 24.05

2nd Grade 2 Womens Pairs Yvette Evans and Edie Gilgun May 26.30

4th Grade 2 Womens Pair Lauren Townson and Tess Belshire 25.00

6th Grade 2 Womens Pair Hayley Reilly and Megan Woodhouse 24.80

1st  Prep B Mixed Pair Oliver Ip and Abbie Catlow  25.35

1st Grade 4 Mixed Pairs Nicky Jackson and Chloe Macklin 21.50 (Balance)  23.50 (Dynamic)

2nd Grade 2 Womens Group  Yasmin McCafferty, Victoria Kennedy and Lucy Ip  25.55

1st Grade 1 Mixed Pairs Dominic Hart and Martha Surman 25.15

2nd Grade 1 Mixed Pair Conor Wallis and Simone Mason 25.10

1st Grade 1 Mens Pairs Ewan Morrell and Haydn Cowherd 25.00

3rd Grade 3 Womens Pair Megan Sutcliffe and Saskia Rudge Thompson 25.05 (Balance) 25.30 (Dynamic)

4th Grade 3 Womens Pair Emma McKinley and Savannah Brickles 25.20 (Balance)  25.05 (Dynamic)

6th Grade 3 Womens Pairs Lauren Riggs and Hope Kerr 22.25  (Balance) 25.50 (Dynamic)

4th Grade 1 Womens Pair Zara Pinnington and Holly Halton 25.70

7th Grade 1 Womens Pair Lucy Atkinson and Nalini Ram Prasad 25.25

10th Grade 1 Womens Pair Morgan Blackburn and Anna Turner 24.80

Well done to all who competed and good luck to Nicky,Chloe, Megan, Saskia, Ewan,Haydn,Dominic,Martha,Oliver and Abbie who all qualified for National Finals in Stoke on Trent on the 18th/19th May 2013.

 Prep A/B and Grade 1 Championships – Eclipse Gymnastics Club, Oldham – Sunday 24th February 2013

Junior Prep B Mixed Pair

1st Oliver Ip and Jasmin Mason

Junior Prep A Girls Pair

5th Chloe Anderson and Scarlett Benson

Junior Prep B Girls Pair

4th Abbie Douthwaite and Molly Boulton

 Junior Prep A Boys Pair

1st Ben Whyatt and Aaron Atkinson

Pre-Prelim Grade 1 Girls Pair

2nd Charlotte Gooch Oram and Abbie Catlow

3rd Abbie Edmondson and Amelia Slaney

Junior Grade 1 Girls Pair 

3rd Chloe Peat and Fabi Burrow Nejad

Junior Novice Trio

3rd Caitlin Balderstone,Charlotte Ford and Eva Stirzaker

Pre-Prelim Prep B Girls Pair

4th Hannah Douthwaite and Charlotte Hall

Well done to all who competed.